Entrees - Hot

Risotto is a patient chef's favorite fare and this chicken and tomato masterpiece does not disappoint.

The perfect recipe when you're hungry for a filling and flavorful meal from the oven. Mrs. Dash® Chicken Grilling Blend spices up this healthy, low-sodium veggie and protein packed casserole without any added salt.

Kabobs are the perfect choice for a fast and healthy summer meal. Marinate chicken in Mrs. Dash® Lemon Pepper Marinade to flavor. Alternate chicken and cubed veggies on skewers, brush on more marinade, grill and enjoy!

Sautéed celery and onion. Turn plain croutons and chicken breasts into a new savory seasonal favorite.

Have a traditional Italian dinner at home. For a meal that tastes like fine dining, but is simple to prepare and enjoy, try out this chicken cacciatore recipe.

Caprese with a fine balance of chicken, mozzarella, and Mrs. Dash® Tomato Basil Garlic Seasoning Blend

Simple to assemble and full of flavor, this enchilada recipe features chopped chicken, green peppers, salsa and Mrs. Dash® Chipotle Seasoning Blend. Fill your tortillas to make an authentic dinner entrée.

A dinner recipe that works with your busy lifestyle. In just 20 minutes you can create a savory Italian favorite thanks to Mrs. Dash® .

Fancy enough for company but simple enough for daily fare, these low-sodium kabobs are ready for the table in just 25 minutes, thanks to Mrs. Dash® Chicken Grilling Blend.

Delicious taste and nice texture can be easily achieved with Mrs. Dash® seasoning. Bread crumbs and fresh squeezed lime juice make this appetizer worthy of the spotlight at your next social get together.


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