Make this Italian favorite the next time you host a casual get-together. You'll wow the crowd with the savory flavor thanks to the spices from Mrs. Dash® Original Seasoning Blend.

Sprinkle with Mrs. Dash® Italian Medley Seasoning Blend and Parmesan cheese to get homemade Italian toast in minutes.

A delicious way to slow grill chicken wings with a nice spicy kick! Recipe courtesy of Joanne Thompson

You can call 'em garbanzo beans or chickpeas, but make sure to add "tasty" and "fun" while you're at it. Mrs. Dash® Lemon Pepper Seasoning Blend features in this fun side.

These aren't your grandma's deviled eggs. A simple preparation with tons of flavor.

This is a great appetizer that takes less than five minutes to make and only uses two common ingredients. Mix together Mrs. Dash® and reduced-fat cream cheese for an onion and herb spread that’s perfect on crackers or fresh veggies.

A great alternative to a regular ol’ sandwich. Make fresh chicken salad and stuff it into mini pita pouches for a quick, simple and healthy lunch option.

Make your own pizza dough with this quick and simple Mrs. Dash® recipe. It only takes 10 minutes and a handful of common cooking ingredients to create soft homemade pizza dough.

Lemon zest and Mrs. Dash® Garlic & Herb Seasoning Blend give some zip to green and black olives. Pile atop your favorite cracker or bread for a quick and delicious appetizer.

Less than 30 minutes for delicious, garlic and herb infused small bites. This recipe is low in fat, making these Mushroom Crosanti Bites a healthy appetizer option.


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