5 Unique No-Sauce Pasta Dishes


Pasta lovers who are tired of the same old spaghetti sauce or lasagna covered in meat sauce can now try a different approach. Instead of adding sauce to your next meal, try one of these five no-sauce pasta dishes that are loaded with flavor and is sure to please your family.

One of the wonderful things about pasta is that it is so versatile. You can easily add your favorite spices and ingredients to create a filling and delicious meal that’s unique. Try some of these ideas for your next dinner or mix and match your ingredients to create your own recipe that’s truly unlike any other.

Cheese is an excellent way to add flavor to your pasta without having to rely on sauce. Try mixing your angel hair pasta with goat cheese and toss in sun-dried tomatoes to make an amazing meal with just a few ingredients.

Garlic butter is a terrific way to season all types of noodles. Simply melt butter and sprinkle in some garlic powder. Toss your spaghetti or favorite type of pasta in this delightful mixture to create a filling and appetizing meal. This is a great way to enjoy pasta on hot days, when a heavy pasta sauce is just too filling.

Toss your pasta in olive oil to add a splash of seasonings. Mrs. Dash Seasoning Blends has a variety of seasonings that let you create a multitude of pasta dishes without having to resort to using sauce. You can also chop your favorite veggies or throw in cooked chicken to personalize this meal.

Want to put a new spin on ravioli? Try deep frying it. Deep fried ravioli is crunchy and delicious. It doesn’t even need sauce unless you want to add some on the side for dipping. Simply take store-bought ravioli and dredge it in buttermilk and Italian breadcrumbs. Place the ravioli in a deep fryer and fry until crispy brown. Remove, drain and allow it to cool. This makes an excellent dinner or appetizer for your meal or next party or event.

If you do not have a deep fryer, you can achieve the same effect by making your ravioli in the oven. Oven-baked ravioli can be made using thawed frozen ravioli that is coated with Italian bread crumbs. Cook until golden brown for a crispy treat. Serve oven-baked ravioli with marinara or pesto for dipping if desired.

Don’t settle for the same old pasta. Instead, make one of these creations for your next meal or party. You can also create your personal concoction using your favorite fresh and store-bought ingredients for a sensational treat that everyone is sure to love.