Entrees - Hot

What better to warm-up a chilly day than a delicious bowl of stew? This flavorful stew is made with fresh vegetables, lean beef and Mrs. Dash® Garlic & Herb Seasoning Blend.

The best barbecues feature an array of grilled meats and veggies. Be center stage with this juicy, All-American burger featuring Mrs. Dash® Original Blend.

There is more to grilling than the perfect flame. For this Asian-inspired chicken dish, Mrs. Dash® Lemon Pepper Seasoning Blend provides the Ying to the Yang of the fresh minced ginger.

It's ok to fill up with a Paul Bunyan-sized serving of this heart-healthy dish. The Asparagus Stuffed Chicken is seasoned to perfection with Mrs. Dash® Onion & Herb and Tomato Basil Garlic Blends.

Head South with a zesty entrée. With blender-puréed marinade, you won't have to worry about chopping ingredients for this tasty treat.

A robust marinade featuring Mrs. Dash® Southwest Chipotle Seasoning Blend is the secret to these zesty Tex-Mex tostadas.

Paired with a glass of Chianti, the Baked Chicken Sicilliano will teleport your taste boards to the coast of Italy. The healthy trip overseas is made possible with Mrs. Dash® Tomato Basil Seasoning Blend.

Chicken becomes something special with the help of Mrs. Dash® Lemon Pepper Seasoning Blend, fresh lemon juice and brown sugar. This baked chicken is served up moist and tangy with a touch of sweetness that your family will love.

Gooey, golden, and bursting with homestyle goodness, this heart-health conscious comfort food is made easy with Mrs. Dash® Italian Medley Seasoning and Tomato Basil Garlic Seasoning Blends.

A salmon recipe that's a foolproof, family favorite. Diced red and green peppers are sautéed in pineapple juice for a sweet salsa over Mrs. Dash® seasonal salmon fillets.


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