This crunchy broccoli salad is coated with Mrs. Dash® , vinegar and oil to provide a light and fresh lemon taste. It's the perfect side to take to your neighbor's potluck dinner.

A true Mediterranean recipe that's light, tasty and refreshing. Drizzle with a Mrs. Dash® infused dressing that perfectly complements the shrimp and fresh greens.

Build a better tuna salad by leaving out the high-fat mayo and using the flavors of fresh vegetables and Mrs. Dash® Garlic & Herb Seasoning Blend. Get a meal packed with protein and omega-3 fats on the table in 10 minutes by using conveniently canned tuna

A spicy side that’s tasty whether it’s served warm or snacked on right from the fridge. Fresh zucchini, corn and mild picante sauce get sprinkled with Mrs. Dash® and olive oil to infuse spicy, hot flavor into each bite.

A great alternative to a regular ol’ sandwich. Make fresh chicken salad and stuff it into mini pita pouches for a quick, simple and healthy lunch option.

Hard-boiled eggs, cherry tomatoes and canned tuna snuggle into a bed of crisp lettuce leaves.This salad is perfect for lunch munching or a weekend brunch.

If it's your turn to bring the cole slaw, let this crowd-pleasing dish have it's day in the sun. While low in carbs and sodium, this cole slaw is definitely high in taste.

A citrus infused salad that’s easy to enjoy at your favorite picnic spot. Fresh olives, onions, orange slices and salad greens are tossed together with Mrs. Dash® , white wine vinegar and olive oil for a light and fresh summertime staple.

Hearty enough for a full meal, this healthy salad is one to add into your lunchtime routine. Lemon pepper chicken breasts, Mandarin oranges, fresh mushrooms and Romaine lettuce make up this citrus-infused salad.

A specialty side that only takes 10 minutes. Mrs. Dash® Lemon Pepper Seasoning, olive oil and low-fat Parmesan cheese give big, bold flavor to baby onions.


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