Side Dishes

A perfect side to take to your next backyard barbecue, this homemade salad has a light and tangy dressing thanks to Mrs. Dash® . Dijon mustard and a touch of sugar nicely compliment the heartiness of this pasta salad.

Looking for a side to compliment grilled steak perfectly? Try these easy-to-prep potato wedges that are bursting with garlic and Mrs. Dash® flavor.

Seasoned breadcrumbs make veggies simply irresistible. Lemon juice, Mrs. Dash® and dry mustard create a complimentary flavor for your favorite vegetables.

Simply sauté snow peas in unsalted butter and Mrs. Dash® Onion & Herb Seasoning Blends until cooked
crisp for an easy and practically effortless veggie dish.

Cole slaw with a tropical island twist. Mrs. Dash® Original Blend, sliced almonds and chopped pineapples add textures and flavors a plenty.

Forget the blue box and pull out pantry staples to make this homemade side dish that is a longtime family favorite.

Peppers and pea pods are the perfect tandem to pair with any hearty entrée.

The secret to this simple and satifying potato salad is Mrs. Dash® Garlic & Herb Seasoning Blend. The only missing a big juicy steak or burger.

It's all in the name. The Easy Vegetable Pasta Salad is certainly easy to prepare, but will also leave lunch guests craving a 2nd serving.

Add a little spice to your morning meal with this extra spicy potato recipe. All it takes is a bit of Mrs. Dash® Extra Spicy Seasoning Blend to give your potatoes a kic.


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