TOP ATE Pantry Staples (Must-Have Ingredients)


Mrs. Dash was recently featured in Hungry-Girl's newsletter, Girls Bite Out, as her go to option for salt-free seasonings.

“Let's get one thing straight -- salt-free seasoning blends, like the kinds popularized by Mrs. Dash, are totally cool. They come in countless varieties -- garlic & herb! tomato basil! -- and add loads of flavor without hiking up the sodium count. Here at Hungryland, when someone asks, "What smells amazing?", the answer is frequently, "Chicken with Mrs. Dash!" Mama D also recently launched these new Table Blends, and McCormick has great no-salt options in the Perfect Pinch lineup. There's really no excuse for bland food with this stuff in existence. Stock up so you can make flavorful food in a... dash.”